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Only available in Germany!

Modernise your vehicle fleet

In collaboration with Volkswagen AG, MAINCOR offers you a VW Transporter starting from a price of €0.00..

We also offer a full service package including taxes, insurance, maintenance and wear, the transportation and registration of the vehicle, as well as putting your logo and personal advertising on the car for €99.00/month.

NEW: You can also choose and add special equipment in the configurator.

Weitere Informationen

Contract details

(Standard model)

  • For new and existing customers
  • Brand: VW
  • Model: Transporter
  • Term of 48 months
  • 15,000 km p.a.
  • Valid in Germany
  • Winner of the “Deutscher Nutzfahrzeugpreis 2011” (German commercial vehicle prize)
  • Market-leading vehicle in the “transporter” segment
  • Excess kilometres cost €0.10/km
  • Comprehensive insurance with a €1,000 excess
  • Partial coverage insurance with a €500 excess

Your benefits

  • More cost-effective insurance conditions
  • More cost-effective maintenance and wear costs
  • More cost-effective vehicle leasing rate
  • Vehicle configured individually to your wishes
  • Ready to use
  • No risk
  • Possibility of acquisition at the end of the leasing period

Our standard configuration for you

  • 2.0 l TDI 62 KW, 5-speed gearbox
  • Normal roof, short wheelbase
  • Exterior colour white
  • Double passenger seat
  • High partition wall with window
  • Wooden floor in the cargo space
  • Roof, side, floor ventilation and air-conditioning system
  • Roof cage (max. load capacity 105 kg)
  • Central locking
  • Rear double doors or tailgate
  • Passenger airbag
  • Radio system with MP3 CD player
  • All-season tyres

Full service for €99

  • Vehicle tax
  • Comprehensive insurance (€1,000 excess)
  • Maintenance and wear
  • Advertising stickers (MAINCOR and your own)
  • Transportation
  • Registration


  1. The customer defines what monthly average turnover they will make in the first calendar year with MAINCOR.
  2. The monthly fee of €99 (full service) + X € (vehicle) is collected on the 29th of the preceding month
  3. Settlement occurs at the beginning of the following year
  4. (Higher turnover than planned = credit, lower turnover than planned = invoice, turnover matches the plan = continues)
  5. Classification of the turnover class for the following calendar year
  6. Settlement of the next year
  7. Vehicle return
    1. Possible Acquisition of the vehicle (no costs for damage to the vehicle and just €0.04 per excess kilometre)
    2. Only vehicle return (€0.10/km due per excess kilometre and any damage to the vehicle must be paid for)
    3. Order of a new Maincar

    What your Maincar might look like