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The Installation Service for specialist craftspeople

Only available in Germany!

Do you face shortage of skilled workers? We can help you to solve this problem.

We offer an installation service for underfloor heating systems. Your job will be done by trained specialists with "Made in Germany" products. You thus get the products and quality directly from the manufacturer.

The added value for your business is clear to see: You save time and money as MAINCOR doing the installation allows you to use you own highly qualified employees more efficient.

Furthermore, you increase your flexibility in accepting jobs and thus secure the future of your company.

We offer the following installation packages:

New building

Projects over 200 m² and small areas upon request

Underfloor heating

  • Oxygentight PE-RT pipe (Dim. 15 x 1,5, 16 x 2,0, 17 x 2,0), SKZ-certified “Made in Germany”
  • Manifold incl. pipe staples stacked on PE plastic for fixing of multi layer composite pipe (MLCP)
  • Clamp ring screwings made of brass for connecting underfloor heating pipes to manifolds
  • Incl. printed record

Package incl. 30 mm insulating roll

  • As a pipe support in a rolled design with bonded anchor texture foil
  • For locking through attachment of the underfloor heating pipes with pipe staples

Package + incl. 50 mm insulation

  • EPS DEO insulation including pipe balancing

Package + + incl. 60-65 mm anhydrite liquid screed

  • CAF 20/25 F4/F5 as heated screed incl. mounting elbow and roughening
    (Ready for covering from approx. 8 weeks depending on weather conditions, ventilation, heating, etc.)

Your benefits

  Project management by MAINCOR

   MAINCOR construction supervisor (if required)

  German-speaking team on the construction site


  Installation service all over Germany

  Saves time and costs

  Simple quote generation

  Flexible job acceptance

  Use your own staff more efficiently

  One contact person for everything